When Being Seen Is Your Number 1 Priority



The brightest, strongest most efficient option when safety, or rescue, is your main concern.


Either Lithium or CR 123 option will provide from 6 hours to 100 hours of light depending on which of the 9 settings you choose.

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High Visibility

On High, this flare can be seen from 10,000 feet in the air and/or 3,000 feet on the ground.

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Can be attached to your vehicle and withstand winds of 80 MPH.

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Replaceable battery OR rechargeable!

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Safe around flammables and waterproof to 30 feet underwater.

Strong Body

Polycarbonate shell is strong and can withstand being run over by a car or truck.

Colors Available

Red, Yellow, White, Green and Blue.

6 Pack


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We have been selling and servicing Maxflare for the last 4 years. Of the thousands sold, we have had less than 1% returned for manufacturing flaws. These are rugged, well made and do what you expect them to do. They also come with a no questions asked money back guarantee. Returns must be approved prior to returning the merchandise.


6 hours to 100 hours of light

High Visibility

10,000 feet air / 3,000 feet on the ground


withstand winds of 80 MPH


Waterproof up to 30 feet


Withstand being run over by a car/truck


Red, Yellow, White, Green and Blue

"Because we cannot use incendiary flares around our dry grass we have switched to Maxflares. No fire danger, very efficient and no toxic fumes."

"We live in the country and it can be very dark at night. I want to make sure my family is safe in case of a breakdown. All of our glove boxes have at least one Maxflare. Better safe than sorry."

"Our entire truck fleet carries the Maxflare 6 pack in their cabs. With over 100 vehicles on the road at any one time, our drivers need the best protection they can get if an accident should occur. This product saves lives."

"I live on a boat and know what it feels like to lose power while at sea. I know with the Maxflare set on SOS, other boaters will see my distress signal and lend a hand. These are a very inexpensive insurance policy."

"We use our Maxflares for efficiency. Our rail cars all look alike at night. When we have a problem with one of them our yard manager puts a Blue Maxflare on the car that needs the repair. Since we work around the clock to keep our Amtrak cars moving, Maxflare saves us time and speeds up 'recover and restore' times system wide."

"I have two daughters. They know nothing about cars and if they get in trouble, I want response teams to have the quickest route to assist them. These things are bright and very powerful. I think my girls feel a little safer knowing the flares are there for their protection."

"I am a County Sherriff and have used these for accident scene safety for years. They are more economical than incendiary flares and safe around a gas spill. They also work in any weather."

"I had a back country skier get lost for 2 days. When we finally did find him, he was so frost bitten that he lost portions of both legs. If he would have carried just 1 Maxflare, our Search and Rescue helicopters would have seen him within hours of being lost and could have carried out the rescue without any injuries."

Sgt. Bernie S.
Maui Police
Mrs. Elaine D.
Enid, Oklahoma
Mr. Edmund B.
Dallas, Texas
Mr. Robert S.
Seattle, Washington
Mr. Carl L.
Los Angeles, California
Mrs. Denise M.
Eugene, Oregon
Sgt. Jimmy F.
Seattle, Washington
Mr. Allen D.
Ellensburg, Washington

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