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Founded in November 1998,
I deliver useful and innovative Graphic Design, Web Design and Photography


Graphic & Web Designer/

I have been an artist my entire life and a graphic & Web designer for 25+ years. I go above and beyond for my clients because my work does not just represent you... it also represents my company.

During the past year, I incorporated photography into my venue and as always, I offer the best. You can view my photography work at www.richtaylorphoto.com


My work... my passion. Enjoy!

At Rich Taylor Designs, I believe the "WORLD IS YOUR AUDIENCE". There are many design outlets to choose from and I understand the importance of picking the right one. So how am I different? By combining my flair for innovation with ground-breaking designs, I am able to consistently deliver the results that my clients desire. I adhere to my clients ideas and feedback throughout the entire process - that makes a world of difference!
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Some of my valued clients


Located in Charlotte, N.C
but design Nationwide!


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